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Thread: Help playing Audio from CD in flash

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    Help playing Audio from CD in flash

    Hi, if anyone can help then thanx a million,

    Basically, i am going to have a CD that contains a flash movie and some Audio files. (i.e. so the user can put the CD into there HiFi and play the Audio tracks, as well as being able to put the CD into their PC and view the Flash movie)

    I want to get flash to play the audio tracks from the CD without importing them into movie (to minimize the file size).

    So I need flash to reference the Audio files in a kind of media player fashion, only the flash file is also on the same CD that contains the Audio files.

    Am I explaining myself very well??? Sorry

    Like I said any help is most appreciated

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    I think that's difficult 'cos the audio part isn't readable in the same way as the data session.

    If you're looking to save space, I'd just say put them in as mp3's with a medium to low bitrate.

    I'm not sure flash can directly access audio files off a CD.
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    You can use MCI commands to play audio tracks from a mixed mode CD with the right tools. http://www.flashtools.net (the site is still up) was first released for Flash 5, but the command line tools should still work. Check out FToolMCI, it's the one that has support for MCI cdaudio commands.

    You can call these tools from BAT files and if you're concerned about the ugly old DOS box, check out my FREE proxy utility.

    Proxy is a tool I wrote that will let you run BAT files from Flash and avoid the ugly DOS box. You can download the utility from www.northcode.com/misc/proxy.zip. There's documentation in the ZIP file, and there was a big discussion about it (and some other utilities I wrote) in this thread...


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