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Thread: explosions

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    im new to 3dfa and am having a real hard time trying to time my explosions with the rest of the movie. do i have to you use a script for this or is there a easier way

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    In v4r5, if you make proper use of the explode transition for hide object (by clicking choose transition in the object's configured hide event and choosing the explode option) coupled with the correct setting for waiting until the event is finished (by clicking the hourglass next to the event's name in the movie properties window) you just might get something worked out.

    Don't very well know about previous versions since I mostly have used v4r5 at the most recent 3DFA version (about all there is thanks to the sudden lack of updates, but that's not my doing - blame the author of 3DFA for that!!!)
    Jeffrey Davis (3DFA user since 2.x... or was it 3.x?) (Yes, I finally reveal the offline identity of JSDvs9172, being myself of course. Oh, and sorry for stealing your signature idea, blanius, which I see you stopped using.)

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    Hello storky,

    Are you using the Explode transition or are you trying to use the Explosion element?

    How are you trying to time the movie? ie. What are you trying to time the explosion to within your movie?

    JSDvs9172's idea should be helpful for the Explode transition. Let us know how you get on and if you need further help.
    (3DFA Support Team)

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