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Thread: 900K SWF File HELP!!!!!

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    I just made a long flash movie. It is 900k big. the problem is when i published it at Geocities, when I play it the movie stops and wait for few moment before playing again then stops and loads and play ang stop again.

    how do i fix it?

    is it fixed by preloader?

    do i have to make a different movie as preloader? if yes then how does it help the REAL movie loads so when it play the movie won't stop? please explain..what should i do?

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    yes a preloader will solve your problems. what's happening is that because you movie is so big your computer is trying to play and download the information at the same time.

    There are numerous tutorials on the web, flashkit has two and you can check them out <a href="http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/launcher.asp?url=/in_pload/tute_preloader.shtml" target="_blank">here</a>

    Hope this helps!

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    Definately need a preloader..
    Like Eddie said your movie is laoding while its playing. A preloader can be just a simple looping movie that keeps the viewer entertained while the real movie (900k in this case)is loading. so when the 900k movie is loaded, the viewer can see your site with
    with no pauses.
    Theres diffrent ways on doing preloaders, and tons of tutorials, you just have to look. Start here in Flashkit, this site has it all..


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    Time for a preloader!

    I suggest you think about using a preloader after your .swf file gets about 25Kb in size or more.
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    If i make a preloader then I just make a new movie to load before the big movie. Am i wrong?

    If you are suggesting that I make a preloader then how can i connect the preloader movie to the real movie?

    After the PRELOADER stop playing. Then the REal BIG movie will load again as slow as turtle. am i wrong again?

    please help.


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    --sorry i realised u couldnt read half of my msj so i edit -- : )

    hehe.. hi
    well im not very good at this.. but i think u can put an action on the preloader (put it on scene 1).. such that
    *if frame is loadeD*
    then u chooose scene 2 (put movie on scene2)
    then choose the last frame of the scene 2 movie...
    *gotto and play scene 2 frame 30 (if frame 30 is the last frame of ur movie clip)
    or something like that..

    yaeh.. if u understood that .. it should play the preloader until the last frame of the movie on scene 2 is loaded.. and the last frame should load.. last.. hehe.. so then it should keep preloading until it does it.. then it goes there and plays.. hope i helped

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    900K!!! wow. you might want to try and take some of the bitmaps out of the movie or use smaller seperate movies to do the site. People on a 28.8 wont wait 5 to 7 min. for that site to load to see it. I would say anthing over 200K that will not stream without a pre loader is a prim file to be broken into smaller chunks. Regards, Bill

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    question on the tutorial mentioned above:


    If Frame Is Loaded (MovieScene, 350)
    // if the last frame of the movie is loaded
    Go to and Play (MovieScene, 1)
    // go to and play the movie

    End Frame Loaded
    Create loop to keep checking.
    Now select the second blank keyframe and this action:

    Go to and Play (preloadScene, 1)
    // keep looping in current scene to first keyframe until movie has loaded

    what are these codes? where do i put them in?

    1. Building a Basic Preloader
    Find number of frames in Movie
    Choose Insert &gt; Scene to add a new scene
    Choose Window &gt; Inspectors &gt; Scene, to name and place new scene first
    Add two blank keyframes in Preloader Scene
    In First Keyframe add IsFrameLoaded actions
    if = true then play movie. If = false then play frame 2
    In Second Keyframe add looping action
    Goto and Play frame 1
    Place basic movie/text in frame 1 to display while checking

    where do i put the value for IF TRUE and IF FALSE


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    Hmmm, first off, 900k something is making it so large. Probably too many bitmaps or something like that. Pope de Flash was right on the money with his suggestion. A preloader is good, but not for something that large. It would take FOREVER!

    Second, the preloader script in the message above mine is really the hard way of doing a preloader. Do this....

    1.Add three blank keyframes to the beginning or your movie (make sure and add them to all layers)
    2.label the last frame in the movie "end".
    3.label first frame in movie "preload start"
    4.label fourth keyframe (beginning of movie) "start"
    5.set action on second keyframe "If Frame is loaded" [END] goto [START] and play
    6.set action on third keyframe "Goto" [preload start] and play

    if you logic this out, when Flash goes over the "if frame is loaded" command it will check to see if the frame is loaded, if its not it will just continue to the loopback action in the next keyframe. I hope this makes sense!

    Good Luck,


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