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Thread: My quick logo

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    Sep 2004
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    My quick logo

    I just mocked up a quick logo and I would like to know a few things

    Do you like the overall idea/look?
    Would you keep or ditch the colors, and to what?
    Which do you like best?
    Do the fonts and layout look nice?
    Is the size ok?
    And any other suggestions?

    Its all appreciated...
    P.S The actual image quality is low for a quicker load so dont look at crispness. Also I missaved my files and there is no cs4 so dont worry about looking for it.

    For the number just take a look at the image name, i.e cS5.jpg is image number 5 in the poll... I did three different formations, one is a solid color the other is a faded

    Thanks again, dont be afraid to tear it apart, im not great at design/graphics. I just want a nice clean logo and this is what I came up with.

    Here they are - Logos

    EDIT - These are quick makeups so the alignment/logo grfx arent perfect yet. Also these graphics will never be in print... so its all the for the web
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    link not working for me

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    I like five the best. I like the stacked logo but not above like you had in 1(?). Try the logo in a few different colors too, like blue and green.

    A decent logo in the making.

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    Thanks for the input

    Links not working?

    Is what the link is you can try adding www. to it.

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    i would say #2.
    #4, #5, and #6 will not work in grayscale and/or one color, which is critical in logo design.
    also, the font used in design is a little odd...

    it definitely has promise though...

    Ah, these boys is all swelled up. So this was earlier...getting set to trade. Then, woooaaah differences.
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