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Thread: Laoding Text Externally...

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    Laoding Text Externally...

    Hi all,
    I have finally got some combo box's to work which direct the playhead to specific frames. But now the coed on my text box does not work anymore? Any ideas? I have attached the file?

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    Unexpected file format! Can't open your .fla.
    You'd have a better chance of getting an answer if your .fla was in a MX only format.

    You would have to save a copy of your MX2004 .fla, (using Save as...) and changing the Document type to MX only in the Save as... window.

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    I have used the ComboBox component from MX 2004, Once I save it in a lower version that component dissappears...

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    Are you saying that you just don't see the loaded membership1.txt text inside your textbox ("scroller")?

    If so, do this:

    loadVarsText = new LoadVars(); // you currently have "new loadVars();" LoadVars needs to start with a "L" not "l"
    At least this was the error I received, changed it and now I see the text.

    Also, you don't need to have a key frame for every position with the exact same code to load the same file. You only need your load text script in the first frame unless you are going to be loading a different file with each selection.

    Hope this helps.

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