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Thread: How to load my own html pages

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    How to load my own html pages

    Hi there. I've been at this for a while now...and I'm slowing going crazy. Someone please help.

    What I want to do is quite simple. Though I don't know how, so it's quite difficult.

    How do I load my own HTML pages, when they are not on the web?
    I've tried getting the page from the behaviours button, but it links the file back to my C drive. So when I try the site on my friend's computer it doesn't want to link.

    Please someone help me. I am confused.

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    Well this isn't as easy as it sounds.

    You can simply open the file and it will load but, depending on the file structure put forth in your html the images and external files may not load.

    Ex. If you have something referenced with http://www and the file isn't currently uploaded there or you are not connected to the internet.

    Second if you have any spaces it will put the %20 there and that won't work for you locally.

    I hope that answered your quest

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    If the HTML file is in the same folder as the .swf file, just link to the name, not the whole path on the C: drive.

    So if the file was called page1.html, that's all you link to. If it's in the folder above where the swf file is, you link to ../page1.html. If it's in a sub folder called pages, you link to pages/page1.html.

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