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Thread: There has to be an easy way...

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    There has to be an easy way...


    I'm still new to Flash and I sometimes get stumped by the basics. For example: I have a Flash template that I bought and I have tweaked it to do everything properly. The last thing I would like to do is move the whole active area upwards and to the left on the background. I know I can change the movie's dimensions but that just takes space off the bottom and the right and the active are in the center still has a wasted inch at the top and the left. How do I move the contents of each layer from the beginning to the end of the timeline all at once?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Well you can select all the objects you want moved (hold 'shift'+ click) and move them.
    If you have keyframes at different places on the timeline, it will only move the first set of frames...Not what you want!
    So, select all the frames in a layer and type the new coordinates for X/Y in the boxes, hit enter. This will move an entire layer.
    If you make note of the final x/y coords, then just select your objects and type in the numbers. You can do as many layers at a time as you want.

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    Youcan use the Edit Multiple Frames button, next to the onion buttons under timeline. Then you can select the whole timeline and move or change size to the whole thing.

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    Hey, thanks a lot! I tried your recommendations and I eventually shifted everything to the top corner (very slowly, though; I guess I need a lot more power).

    I really appreciate your assistance.

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