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Thread: Can't get my file to loop

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    Can't get my file to loop

    I've got six movie clips (slide1, slide2, etc)... each on a different layer... all on frame 1... at the end of each clip I have the action set:

    then slide3, etc... on the last clip I have it set for:


    Which I would assume would essentially loop back to the first slide and start over.

    Basically all I need it for this thing to loop. Suggestions?

    You can download the file at:


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    Sorry You got a fundamental problem, you can either each movie clip to attach one by one. For that you got to use attachMovieClip() method. Anyway i don't think you are not doing that way. Given the current scenario, that you got all MCs in a single frame, and in different layers, you have to code like this:
    In Actions Layer change your script to:
    this.onLoad = function() {
    IN SLIDE1 MC (First remove the _root.slide2.Play(); from fram no:1 coz, this is not logic)

    And in the last Frame:
    Follow this for all MCs it should work.

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