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Thread: Registration Point

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    Registration Point

    Does anyone know how to change the registration point of a movie clip?

    Lets say I have drawn an image of a baseball and I select F8 to convert to sybol and create a movie clip. The default location of registration is in the upper left hand corner. Say I forget to move the poiint to the center and click ok to save as a movie clip. How would I go about changing that if I need it to be in the center?

    I know I can re-create the image, but just assume there is a more efficient manner.


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    click on the symbol.....in the toolbar....select the free transform tool.....then the registration point becomes draggable so you can
    place it where you want......

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    After the image is created and saved as a sybol, using the transform tool will allow you to move the point, however this only affects it's axis point - not it's registration point. So far only re-creating the image and saving it propperly the first time has worked.

    Thanks for the insight though.

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    If you edit the symbol you can move it.

    If you use the align panel and click the align to stage button and click to align on the vertical and horizontal center, it will move it so the registration point is in the center.

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