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Thread: Image On A Path

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    Image On A Path

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to make an image on a path move faster along the path with either a keyboard button press, or by clicking a created button inside the flash.

    an example of what i mean:

    Lets use the Path Sample inside the 3D flash animator

    Say i want that train to move faster from begining to end with a button press of both or either kind(keyboard, or flash button).
    Once the movie is playing. Once the train is traveling the path.

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    Hello DarkAccess,

    The speed of an element following a path cannot be changed dynamically in a movie. ie. you are only able to set the speed of an element following a path while the movie is playing.

    However, it is possible to have more than one Follow Path event for an element. This can be done in the Follow properties window when adding a Follow Path event and using the From/To % attributes.

    eg. The first Follow Path event could be from 0% to 30%, the second Follow Path event from 30% to 80% and a third Follow Path event from 80% to 100%. Each of these events can have different speed and/or timings.

    (3DFA Support Team)

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