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Thread: Can't preview audio in timeline

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    Can't preview audio in timeline

    Anybody encounter this: I am unable to preview (hear) audio when I am scrubbing back and forth in the timeline. Also, if I press 'Enter' to preview my movie, the audio plays, and continues to play until the end of the audio file is reached, even if I stop playback of the movie. This problem cropped up quite suddenly, and is really bugging me.

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    you have your audio on it's own layer in the timeline?
    can you see the wave form on that layer?
    you need to set the audio properties on that first keyframe to stream
    what the hell's a motion tween?

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    Sync must be set to Stream

    Yes, that's it. Thank you so much. Somehow, I accidentally set Sync to Event, rather than Stream.

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    Stream audio

    thanks! ugh! saved me so much time also. just found this post after searching the world wide webs.

    in unity

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