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Thread: layout - honestweb.cn

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    layout - honestweb.cn

    layout draft of my upcoming site, more options will arrive soon. how do you find it? clean? messy? too simple? ... any comments are very much appreciated.

    on rollover "portfolio" button--

    on rollover "portfolio" sub menu--
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    I don't really like it. It feels disorganized and unbalanced. Too much awkward space and the blurry edge thing gets old fast.
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    I agree, the fading borders are annoying, make them a solid edge of white.

    You are desparately needing a picture in the background, perhaps with color removed (monocrome) or alpha blended out to the blue background or both.

    It's too empty, do you have technical designs of the car that you could perhaps place in the background?

    For some reason I think it needs some horizontal lines of different thicknesses to break the design into different areas.

    Perhaps create a horiz band of lighter colour for the header and a smaller horiz band for the footer.

    Note that black would go well with that blue as well as white, so perhaps some black could be used a bit to break up the design to make it more interesting.

    Maybe flatten the bottom of the big circle to make it less geometrically perfect.

    The basic design works well (ie. ballanced), it just needs more to fill up the empty space.

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