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Thread: Wondering how this might be achieved...?

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    Wondering how this might be achieved...?

    I'm not too sure if this is the best forum for this question, but because this deals with aesthetics...I thought I'd post my question here first!

    Just wondering how this might be achieved???

    How do they get the BG image to go 100% of the screen height and width without affecting the resolution (clarity) of the main content section? Maybe I'm incorrect, but isn't the BG image imbedded within a .swf? It looks as if their running some sort of JavaScript to test for the most recent version of FLASH player. On the "else" side of the function it tells the browser the display the "mainswf" at 100%.

    My guess then would be that the content portion of the site is a separate swf that is loaded into the "mainswf" (only a guess though).
    If this is the case, how is the resizing of the main movie not affecting the content's resolution?

    Or...maybe...my assumption is incorrect...and their achieving this in an altogether different manner.

    Anyone got an idea?

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    77 views with no comments...this makes me wonder if I've choosen the right board to post this question.

    I just though there might be someone with some insight who visits this board regularly...moderators?

    ...a little coding for designers...

    Again...Anyone have a thought about how this technique/treatment is achieved?

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    Do you think this question would be better posed on the ActionScript Board?

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    Well, the people look to see if they can help, but when they get in the thread and realize they can't they don't post. Descriptive titles help reduce the post:views ratio.

    As for your question, I'm not sure how. I've seen it done before somewhere but I forget where. Maybe try in the flash help forums?
    It must be obvious day at camp stupid

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    Point well taken!

    Moderator's, would you like me to delete this thread as I've posed this question, as suggested, on one of the FLASH boards?

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    By viewing the source and grabbing a direct link to the swf ( http://www.domanistudios.com/main.swf ) we see we get the same effect as if we load the main page as normal.

    Now, I download the actual swf file to my local drive and discover the flash is 850 x 758 pixels in size and loads an external swf in the centre of the stage.

    Basically, it seems that scroll bar is the key to the trick here. The scroll bar sizes 100% to the viewable area (in this case the web browser window). The main content stays offscreen and is scrolled according to the position of the scroll bar.

    Abviously more info can be obtained by analysing the swf further by examining the actionscript used in the movie.

    BTW There is no javascript used for this effect. It is all done within flash. It's obvious once the swf is downloaded by grabbing the url link in something like FlashGet (Download manager - nothing to do with Flash!).

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    Thanks for responding.

    Actually, I was kind of assuming the image is imbedded in a .swf. which the designer has told the browser to display at 100% of the viewers screen height and width:
    <body scroll="no" status="no">
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    	window.location = 'error.php?error=flash';
    (Understand the javascript has nothing to do with this, that it is simply a part of the FLASH player test the designer is performing - just using as a point of reference)

    ...and that the designer is loading in all other content externally.

    The question I have is with the issue of resizing the .swf as this, I thought, effects the quality of resolution. I understand that the embedded image in the main .swf is probably at a size, as you've indicated, that this is not an issue, but I can't see how this wouldn't have an effect on the rest of the movies content; whether it's loaded in form an external .swf or just part of the main movie.

    I see the designer has chosen not to use pixel fonts. I've got to believe that this is intentional as any resizing would play havoc with the clarity of this sites text if indeed pixel fonts had been used.

    You wouldn't happen to have any idea if there's a script that would force an MC to remain at it's native resolution while the MC's main Movie is being resized?

    Probably a better question for the Actionscript board?
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    man. this is old.

    never heard of dynamic layout?

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    Thank you for the link.

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