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Thread: Game Scripting!!!!!!! Help Wanted Bad!!!!!

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    Game Scripting!!!!!!! Help Wanted Bad!!!!!

    I NEED HELP!!!! i am trying to make a game where you are looking down into a pond, and you see the reflection of a palm tree hanging over the pond. you control a little black spot in the pond, and try to catch the falling water droplets that fall from the tree.i have the rectangle for the collision detection, and i made the spot follow the cursor, but i don't know how to script collision detection. i also don't know how i should make the water droplet fall, anfd still let it have properties. animations don't have properties.i tried that first. i also tried another movie, but i'm not sure if i can link the scripts in the seperate movies...or if i have to!

    please help me!!

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    Some Building Blocks

    Hiya Zippy,

    I'm not sure I can give you exactly what you're after, but here are 3 animations I've done in the past that might help put together the buidling blocks for what you want.

    They are:

    1. A set of scripts for determining collison and counting collisions.
    2. A set of scripts for moving a simple ball with realistic gravity
    3. A set of scripts for lots of less realistic snowfall.

    If you take the relevant bits from each animation, you may be able to build what you want.

    Hope they help in some way.

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