Hi 3dfa world:

Assuming then 3dfa continue working and no more support or update fails happen on future, it's important in my opinion then 3dfa site has some kind of tutorials or repository samples with movie files for download in order all people can have a well done archive.
All movies files i have posted for download in this forum (pseudo 3d researches, xml+tree menu, xml+scrollable menu, xml content loadind, etc.), have their links broken now, because i had to remodelate my site.
All this, because if you compare 3dfa support, samples, templates, icons, sounds with koolmoves, this one offer much more to new and intermediate people like 3dfa, (again my opinion).
Most of my knowledge about 3dfa are a result of an adaptation to 3dfa from kirupa.com tutorials (special from senocular) with some research of myself and some help from this forum, too.
I'm avaiable to put my movie files research on fly for every new people can learn easlly (but as my english is not correct, someone have to rectify my comments on movies), but 3dfa must get some kind of repository on their site or other solution and of course, give to all us a concrete answer to future.
I'm glad to get your feedback about this.