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Thread: Outlined text slow to render?

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    Outlined text slow to render?

    I am currently trying to display 20-23 words of arial font with an outline color applied.

    I have noticed that since I have begun to use the outlining on large-ish amounts of text that the rendering really slows down. Before this, I rendered the movie almost at full speed (15fps) and now I render it at about 3 FPS.

    When other elements are moving things are normal. If any of these large outlined texts move, scale, or dissolve, the frame rate drops.

    Strangely, this appears to affect the save function as well. Now when I save the file, it takes 14 seconds the save is completed. Before it was near instant.

    Is this what others have noticed?

    D. Beard

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    Hello dbeard,

    When you refer to 'outline' do you mean 'Line' or 'Line Edge'? Are you using feathering? Are you trying to animate all text elements simultaneously?

    Also, keep in mind that when you have a text element the individual letters in that element are elements in their own right. So in effect when you have approx. 20 words with an average word size of 5 letters each you will have 100 text elements that need to be rendered for each frame.

    Another thing when using feathering is that the amount of time spent rendering a frame will increase. This is because the feathering technique effectively smooths the edge by anti-aliasing the edges. This basically means that an alpha channel is added to the element so that the anti-aliased edge has an opacity which will not only allow the element to appear to have smooth edges but also to be able to blend the edges into whatever background the element is sitting on top of. Flash, then, spends a great deal of time rendering the opacity for each of the text elements letters.
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    Yes, both the "fill" and "line" options are being used for the text.

    The line option does have feathering set to 1. The text is created as a single object but I suspect your observations are correct.

    The load issue appears related to the number of elements, scenes and events. I broke the animation into several smaller animations using a open URL action between them.

    Now with fewer elements in each, the save time appears normal.

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