Have a look at 'having' flash animation, the AVI file shows it running in 3dfa, then try in ie6 (doesn't seem to work to me). Comments below. I don't know why though.

I've posted some of my support queries here, I emailed support but didn't hear back, perhaps is better to discuss on forum where others can comment if they had the same issue or not in 3dfa.

I wonder if 3dfa is going to add support for 3d-character-animation (a miniversion of poser3d built-in for example), that would be a nice feature don't you think.

1. Checkbox variables behave differently in layer than not in a layer, whether can access through object or not (properties visible), or whether variable is global. Consider what happens if have two checkboxes on two different layers, with the same variable name. Since it's a different layer, I'd say it should be a different checkbox and variable, even if the variable has the same name. But in reality it depends on whether the layer has properties or not, etc etc. You can end up with a situation of multiple checkboxes all ticking or unticking themselves at the same time, if not careful with your layer stuff. Perhaps this issue needs some thought. I ended up having to place my checkbox states in a global array since I couldn't rely on storing the checkbox states in each layer object (ie if I assign the same variable name to a checkbox in a layer and then copy the layer 5 times to make 5 checkboxes, then rename each layer, this way you can have multiple duplicate layers with identical variable names on the checkboxes etc but they are distinct due to having different layer name.. but in reality it doesn't work, similarly if you have a script on the layer and then copy the layer a few times, you'd think it would execute the function in the local script to that layer with the same name, but in fact it gets confused with the scripts with the same name on other layers), it didn't seem to work the latter way though it would seem like it would so I ended up having to do workarounds.


>3D Flash Animator requires Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP running on a Pentium 200 or better >with >at least 32 megs of memory.

I'm running 3DFA 4.0 release 5 under NT4, 256mb memory. Your webpage used to say this version supports NT4 I think, so I assume it still does. It seems to work OK to me.

Just a slight problem though. My project runs fairly well when I run it in 3DFA. But, when I export it (to html and swf) and upload it to the web, it doesn't work in internet explorer (latest version of I.E.).

Since some things work under internet explorer when loaded, and others under 3dfa when run, but not both, therefore suggesting it's a bug with 3dfa, since the behaviour should be consistent.

I've attached the file (zipped) so you can try it yourself. If you need anything else (such as screenshot, etc) sent to you, let me know.

Note: To load my project you'll need at least 256mb memory on the computer you use, as well as 100mb swapfile. Alternatively, if you have a smaller swapfile, then you can need 384mb memory. When you try it you'll see, it's quite a large project to load in 3dfa (though fortunately it's only 150kb when compiled). Load up 'task manager' (control-alt-del) and view the memory usage, if you think it might run out of memory, if it gets close to running out then at least you'll know.

The things I noticed are:


- totals don't add up at bottom (both stuck on 0) and not consistent with 'show tc'.
When show tc is ticked, it should show a box with same values as the totals, that
floats on the left on the same row as the mouse, for easy viewing, under internet explorer
this seems to be stuck on 50,-20 and it's inconsistent with the totals which are stuck on
0,0. Under 3dfa when run, the totals are correct (certainly not zero or 50,-20 on startup!) and
also the same as the 'show tc' values which is correct. So, it works under 3dfa but not under
internet explorer.

- arrow up/down's don't do anything when clicked. Under 3dfa they work but not under internet explorer.

- explosion seems to keep happening (runs once) under 'volunteering'
item, everytime switch to page 1 from any other page. Under 3dfa it
works fine with it only happening once when the animation is first
started but not running every time I switch pages. Maybe we need an option
in 3dfa for how this is supposed to behave, whether an explosion goes off again
every time they switch back to that slide again (note, i'm not actually changing web pages,
just switching between slides in the slideshow), or whether it only goes off the first
time that particular slide is viewed and not more than once. At the moment it does
a different behaviour in internet explorer viewing, to in 3dfa viewing.


- 'skirt' animation doesn't run when clicked on. Under internet explorer it runs, but not when run under 3dfa


Frame Delays performed differently when run from internet explorer then when run from 3dfa. Causing my animations to go wrong.. Seems to be a bug in 3dfa since the behaviour is not consistent between 3dfa and internet explorer. It always works fine when run from 3dfa.

Imagine name of the frames F1 F2 .. MCU 2P 2P2 ..

I have it pause for 1 second on frame MCU, by telling it to run the animation for 'x' frames, then delay for 1 second, then run it from frame x+1 for y-x frames (y is total number of frames in animation) so that it sits of the last frame at the end. x is frame MCU which is the frame I want it to pause on for a moment. This all works fine in 3dfa. But, when run from internet explorer it behaves slightly differently:

- the pause occurs one frame too late (one frame after the male face closeup (MCU) ie
it actually pauses at frame '2P' )
- then it switches to the male closeup and goes from there ie MCU 2P 2P2 ..

So it looks like, from internet explorer: [F1 F2 .. MCU 2P] [MCU 2P 2P2 ..]

instead of how it should (as it does from 3dfa): [F1 F2 .. MCU] [2P 2P2 ...]

So framing (timing for the animation) isn't right when run from internet explorer, since it's paused one frame too late and then displayed (inserted in its display) an extra two frames after the pause.