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Thread: How to specify frame of URL opened by action?

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    How to specify frame of URL opened by action?

    Currently the frame options are

    New Window
    Current Frame
    Parent Frame
    Top Frame

    But I would like to specify a particular frame to refresh. A frame name can be entered into the frame select but it does not open in the specified frame. It opens in the parent frame.

    Can this be done? How?


    D. Beard

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    I added a IE command "other".

    I then added "parent.quotes.location.href="compare.html"" as the command.

    The second command appears to fail as nothing appears to happen.

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    Hello dbeard,

    You're almost there. Type the URL that you would like to open in a fram into the field that has the 'http://' header in.

    Next, in the field with the drop-down don't select any of the options. Simply type in the name of the frame that you have created in your frameset. Each frame should be given a name using the name attribute. You'll notice that when you click in the box with the down arrow (do not click on the down arrow) that you'll see the cursor sitting there waiting for you to type something.

    (3DFA Support Team)

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