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    Hello there.

    Any quick thoughts on the new design of my site Melodicmedia.


    -the old version was all Flash,
    this time I'm using Flash and Javascript to Nav through the pages.

    about.html etc.
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    Hmm..the site is desolate much like the flash banner.

    When you switch between each section, you've made it so the buttons are not highlightable when you roll over it. If you are going to do that, make it so that the button of that particular section is visually different from the rest of the buttons, like add an animation, a graphic, or a color to the button. Otherwise it looks and feels broken.

    That is all I can say about the current site.

    The old site is solid, hopefully many of the elements from it will translate into this one.

    In the Contact section, add something like a box to the send button. It kinda blends in with the titles, ie. Name, Email, etc.. And I don't know about the lines in the comment box, I'd take them out.

    I love the branching out animation in your portfolio section. It's appropriately done, I might add.

    Other than that, there's not much more I can say. Make some more updates and I'll look for it again.

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    question about animation after clickin on button

    I had a question about how to make a button animate after clicking on it, then the button moving back to its original spot after you click on a different button.

    I understand if you wantted to add animation to the mouse overs, you would use the rollover function but if you wanted it so that:

    1: you click on home, on release, the home button animates and moves into another position
    2. after you click on a different button like the contact or about button, the home button moves back to its original spot, and the next animation for the button becomes active?

    how do you do this?

    sorry if i sound confused or what i said is unclear, im a newb at this. any help will be appreciated. thanks

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    maybe you can work a bit on your colors... the site is simple and nice... could be a bit more fancy... animations and stuff...

    general: good work

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