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Thread: flash browser

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    flash browser

    I am a Flash designer also a software engineer. I really hope you can do me a favour in the search after reviewing the following words. It may take you several minutes, but your kind help will have the effect to make an excellent Flash Product. The content of the search, We find that the playing effect of Flash in Macromedia is limited, so we want to develop a more effective Flash browser. Please tell us what browser do you expect. And tell us your work if you are willing. No matter you answer the question or not, we want to say Thank you very much.

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    In need of much elaboaration here.
    flash browser?
    Plugins for browser?
    the mac version of the flash player is less then
    worthy but need to understand what your goals and
    needs are.

    Do you intend to build a new plugin for swf?
    Flashants did that several years ago. the app
    is still around it doesn't and most likely never
    will have mass appeal that MM flash plugin does.

    Do you intend to build a new 3rd party tool for veiwing
    /running flash in standalone? Big market lots of players
    Several programs can operate as an swf player and a few
    keep up with the ever changing versions of flash as it

    Do you intend to build a conversion product for swf>exe
    Lots of competition in this arena. And quite a few outstanding
    products on the market.

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