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Thread: tokyoplastic.com - Tokyo Plastic v2 - amazing!

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    Am i missing something? This site has been around for at least 6 months? I can't really tell if anything has changed in that time.

    Personally, I love the animation but find the site difficult to navigate. It is not always obvious when you are supposed to click on something. I sat there with the chair going around and around until i finally realized that those characters over the chair must say something like "click to continue". Then when going though the section where there is a box with legs (how else do you refer to a specific section?) the box would just stop moving until you click on it again. Why? How does that help with interactivity? I found it kind of annoying.

    ... but thats just my opinion.
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    full of different art!

    it's a great site,it's thinking is full of different idea,what a suprise,how can they think of that,I have seen this site for three times more!

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