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Thread: how to design the crystal/mirror/ice breaking and spreading effect animation?

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    Hi there,

    Pls visit this site very beginning flash animation:


    Can anyone tell me how to make this spark effect( look
    like the mirror is breaking and then spread away .. The little shinning "stars" are spread away from center and then disapper slowly )or tell me where can i get that .fla file?(for example)

    thank you very much

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    you're welcome
    i think everyone's seen that one

    you'll probably just have to practice with the stars, these people have been doing animation a long time. and all there secrets are indeed secrets.

    i like the flying boxes myself

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    that actually looks like 3D

    I bet they did an exploding box or somesuch in 3DSMAX and then changed the animation to vectors using swift3D or vecta3D and then brought that into flash.

    The stars were probably done the same way, as it would be too much to do all of those by hand, and the actionscript needed to drive all those little bits would bring the player to its knees...

    So...unless you've got a 3D proggie and swift3D, I would say go with a less complex effect..

    anyone else with some ideas? Am I full of hot air?

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    kraken, i think your answer was probably the best.

    i wish i could afford a good 3d program, i hear maya is coming out with an export to swf format

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