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    Any Advice is welcome
    --If possible rate it on the following:

    Layout (1-10)
    Origionality (1-10)
    Color Sceme (1-10)
    Graphic Work (1-10)
    Overall (1-10)

    and hopefully a brief explanation as to why you gave the scores that you did.


    Thank You
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    layout - 7
    originality - 5
    color scheme - 5
    graphic work - 4
    overall - 5

    ok here are my explanations..

    layout - the layout is clean, direct and to the point which is good, easy naviagtion and the information is accessible at all times.

    originality - the idea is cool but there is no "spunk" in the site, no button rollovers, or images (other than the header and products)

    color scheme - its ok but there is no texture, no dpeth to the site which in ehances colors. all i see is flat grey and very bold in ur face red.

    graphic work - there are no graphics, just the header???

    overall - its a clean, simple and direct site but it doesnt have any flare.

    advice - try adding a texture to the background or border it off with something on the side. add a rollover (either color or a bar or something) to give more interactivty witht he user but dont go overboard. your header, the white hurts my eyes, especially the lines.

    hope this helps

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    well the site is supposed to be simplistic.. but i get what you mean about the backround.

    I will change that shortly, any other suggestions?
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    I have changed the menu system.. what does everyone think of it?

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    its ok not the best but ok
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    better but i would loose the underline for the menu options, just have the color rollover

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