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Thread: -Turn off All Buttons when Movie Clip Open

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    -Turn off All Buttons when Movie Clip Open

    Roll over the sandwich in the 2nd row first panel, and it will say "What Makes ours the best" -- click on it, and it opens a movie clip that has a white box with the sandwich breakdown animation.

    My question is this - how do I turn off all the other buttons in the movie (except the close button within the movie clip) so that when they move their mouse around, the buttons underneath don't activate? Is there any action scripting that can do this, or should I build it differently (actually have it advance to the next frame that all the buttons' instances turn to graphics)

    I'm using Flash MX 2004 on a Mac

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    Add an empty scripted invisible button in the lowest layer on your movie clip... A filled rectangular shape (only in the Hit state of this button) which should extend and cover the full size of your main movie.
    You can disable the hand cursor on this invisible button with...

    my_inv_but.useHandCursor = false;

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