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Thread: color shifts_____UGH !

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    color shifts_____UGH !

    i am noticing some discrepancies between the colour of a graphic that i am working on. in illustrator i see one set of colors and i have been taking screen shots to show the client. i noticed when i put the illustrator document in my email with the PDF from the screen shot with it, the Illustrator file looks less saturated, more dull. how do i know which is the best indication of the color. i have used pantone colors - do i need the swatch books . help. stress.

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    well actually it has to do either with your monitor or your client's monitor. if they're not callibrted, you will see discrepancies.

    if you're using pantone, the best thing to do is to get to talk with your client and show him your pantone color book, and how the colours actually do look like, despite what the screen shows.

    unless you're using pantone fo the web... which is useless

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    If it's possible, print out your work and then show it to a client. I've found clients respond better to printed work anyway, they can touch it, feel it and pass it around. Be sure to add a little 'PROOF' graphic including your details to show that it is incomplete.
    Or if you have a laptop bring it around and show them on that.

    Maybe though the problem is when you are taking a screenshot. If the illustrator file is in CMYK and you take a screenshot, perhaps it is converting it to RGB and changing the colour a bit.
    What is the process you are going through to get the PDF? Screen shot, load in Photoshop, export to PDF? Or a direct PDF export from Illustrator? What are the PDF export settings? If you are sending them through email it is probably compressed, try changing the settings to reach a nice quality/size compromise.
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    it is most likely the monitor calibration on either your or your client's monitor. I agree, print it out instead.

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