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Thread: Unusual sound problem

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    Unusual sound problem

    I'm not a newbie, I've been making Flash productions for while, but there's a problem that in the past I've attributed to my old (slow) computer.

    In my cartoons, the sound slowly slips out of sync. After a minute or so, you start noticing that the sound is playing a little before the picture, and it gets worse the long you watch, unless Stop it then Play it again, which gets the sound back in sync.
    It affects all sounds, no matter when the keyframe that starts occurs the sound in the movie.

    I've gotten into the habbit of making all my sounds as Stream so they keep the picture in sync with the sound for slower computers if the picture lags. Could this be causing the problem? (I'm using the default 12fps by the way.)

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
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