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Thread: flash/php - contact form

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    flash/php - contact form

    i need help on the coding of a contact form in flash.

    i've already created the form itself, but i haven't done any of the scripting, and none of the php coding.

    now, i know absolutely NOTHING about php and i've never created a contact form before, so it would be great if somebody could show me how this works.

    the contact form i created has 3 fields:

    1) Your Name:
    2) Your Email:
    3) Message:

    what actions do i use for each field to make them work? and how do i do the php for each? what do i create php with? upon its creation, do i simply upload it to my server (yes, it runs apache)?

    thanks for any help you guys can give!
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    If you can avert your eyes from the shoddy AS coding, then have a look through the attached files. The main things to note are...

    - User input in the textfields defines the variables "name", "message", etc...
    - A submit button is required to trigger the sending of these variables to the PHP script
    - The flash movie is designed to loop until it recieves word from the PHP script that the variables have been written to a text file (messages.dat)
    - Alter the address of the PHP file within the loadVariables command on frame 1 and on the submit button in frame 5 to reflect your own server setup and remember to set the appropriate read/write permissions for messages.dat on your server.

    Once you understand what`s going on here, you should be able to tailor the movie and PHP scripts (which, as you can see are very simple) to your own needs.

    Hope this helps

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    check my tutorial at
    Flash MX tutorials

    PHH email is at the intermediate section

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    Sorry, the link should be


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