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Thread: Logo help

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    Logo help

    Hey guys, I've been using PS for some time now. I'm trying to learn Illustrator. My question is, for my logo, I'm just using text. I want it to be vectorized so the quality is better for printing. Any help here on what I can do? How would I go about this in Illustrator? Do I have to use the pen feature, or do I just save the type? Any help. Thanks - Sorry is this is a newbie question. C

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    you just need to use the type tool.

    however, when exporting to someone else's computer you might have probs if you leave it as a textfield.
    what you should do, once you've finished typing it or working with it, is to trace the letters and convert them to shapes. that is right click over the text > trace outlines or something like it.
    that wil make it into a shape. remember that once in you've created outlines you cannot edit the text.

    pen tool is for modifying those shapes or creating from zero. once you've "broken" your text into shapes, you can get the pen tool and edit the leters ; modifying some serif, adding things, playing with the with of some stems, etc..

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    Hey MetroGuy!

    It's sooooo easy, you'll see!!!

    To have yout text or font vectorized, select your text, and go in the menu >type >create outline

    There you go, you're all set!

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    just type some text
    go to object=>expand=>
    see now your text is no more any fonts , it is vector now,
    change the shape using pen tool
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