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Thread: Layers content disappear after saving and closing app...

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    Layers content disappear after saving and closing app...

    HI all,

    I'd simply want to animate elements from a single .psd file. As I can't animate differents elements directly from the PSD file ('child elements' doesn't work), I copy all elements from the imported PSD file into a new layer. Animation works then.

    But once saving my job, closing the prog and re-opening it, each element of the layer are blank... even if I dont delete the original PSD element....

    Bug or any solution?


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    You know, I've been using this program and photoshop both for years, and never knew you could bring in a psd file with all the layers seperated.............

    ....never even thought to try it.

    I'm going to play around with it some and see what I can find.

    .................................................. .............

    Ok, I'm having the same problems here. I can bring it in, and I can even get 3dfa to record the positions of seperate elements inside the psd itself(you can manually move them using the properties), but it will not animate them at all(records the positions alright, and in the interface trys to move them but won't).

    If it helps any, you can't drag the elements past the original psd(heigth/width), they simply disappear.

    I've tried giving both the child and parent elements, properties, velocity, events, etc, again I can move the elements and record their position, but neither move or morph will animate them(either in the interface or the browser).

    You're best bet is to save all of your elements from the psd seperately and then import them one by one into 3dfa.

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    woah , never thought of combining photoshop psd files with 3DFA either , well whenever using two type of programs file you could expect problems .... thats what ive been doing

    i saved each element from the psd as a PNG file (best for nearly all jobs with animations...) , than inport them into 3DFA

    NOTE - when you do something like this remember that 3DFA will apply effects of alpha upon ALL elments with same file name...

    ex :
    have a ring element with alpha 100%
    also got a ring duplicate with alpha 50% on the same movie...

    bouth elements would appeer 50% alpha when exported , you must make another file to fix that
    ok....what ?

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