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Thread: MediaController+MediaDisplay Buffer

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    MediaController+MediaDisplay Buffer

    Hi all..i need to show some .flv in my site's interface. I used MediaCOntroller and MediaDisplay to control and to show my flv that besides in a the directory publish in my server. This is the link..
    I graphically customised my media components and they seems to work well. The problem that i am encountering is the buffer time. I need to change the buffertime from 5 to an higher value like 30 or so. I used the MediaComponents cause i am not skilled enough to build up my own video controller so i dont know how to change that damned buffertime. I imported a MOV into FlashMX2004Pro with the Corporate LAN 150 Kbps and then exported the FLV file. Any1 can help me? This is the last but harder problem to finish the video interface..any help would be much appreciated.Thank you!

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    I'm not sure if there is a way to set buffer time dynamically in Macromedia components.

    But you could use media.bytesLoaded and media.bytesTotal to create a buffer to preload the movie. This way you can controll when your movie will start to play

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