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Thread: My new website interface. PS, it's green.

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    My new website interface. PS, it's green.

    Nothing works yet, I'm just working on the new design. What does everyone think?


    Thanks in advance!

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    wow it is def green IMO, the green is to harsh, it looks like slime, im just waiting for it to ooze out, try adding alittle bit of brown to it and set the saturation alittle low, that might tone it done, plus the white bg isnt helping with almost neon green over it Also, how come the layout is so small? on an average comp, a site is about 900x600, take advantage of the space, plus with the shapes that u have, you'd have some nice transitions and movements. since u have a "pixel" theme going, i would make sure all the text/buttons/etc are pixel fonts!!

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    Yep, pixel text everywhere is what it needs, just to be more put together and uniform!

    But good start, continue working on it, try stuff, it'll come tru!

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