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Thread: Math and scaling

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    Math and scaling

    I use the drawing api to lay two circles over a persons eyes. They "eyes" clip is scaled to 130%.

    I draw the circles and scale the eye back to 100%. I then need to scale the circle down to what I guess would be 70% (since wes drew it at 100%) and reposition it over the newly resized eye clip (restored to 100% from 130%).

    The problem for me is that when the eye clip is blown up at 130% it is no at 0x and 0y since i recentered it. And when you draw with the drawing API it starts at 0x, 0y.

    ANy help MUCH appreciated - feel fre to move this post to another forum if it is more likely to be answered there.

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    i don't realy understand your problem with the scaling, i just wanted to point out that scaling from 130 to 100 is not the same as scaling from 100 to 70. you need to scale your second clip to approx. 76.923% (= 100/1.3)
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