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Thread: Saving for the web?

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    Saving for the web?

    Hi, I am trying to make a logo for use on a web page.

    You can some examples here:

    Basically they are all comming out rather jaggedy around the edges and the colour fills look a bit patchy even though they are mostly solid web colours.

    I have made them in photoshop using the type tool then adding the stroke(outline) using the layer styles from the blending options.

    The resoloution is 72 and they are saved as jpgs.

    Should I have made them at a higher resoloution?

    Its too late to change it now isnt it?

    Any tips related to this and the whole resoloution image size thing would be much appreciated.

    Thanks - Joe
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    What's your screen resolution?
    'cause here on 1280x1024 it looks fine...

    Maybe a LITTLE blur (very tiny) could do the trick...

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    They look fine to me, too. Personally I'm not seeing any terribly obvious jagged edges or patchy colors when viewing them at normal size. When I zoom in on the images there are some jpeg artifacts, however. Could this be what you are talking about?

    You should be able to get rid of those by simply not compressing them as much. You could also try saving them as a .GIF or .PNG instead of .JPG.

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    Thanks for having a look.

    I am not sure what the res on this monitor is.

    Is there a website you can go to that will tell you?

    All settings are locked so I can't go into Display to have a look.

    Yeah, the edges arent that bad - just not as smooth as they could be.

    I'll try saving as png or gif. Its on high quality for jpegs.
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