I am looking for information that will help to smooth out the problems with sharing .flas between windows and osx. It is impossible to avoid sharing over multiple platforms, because clients often need to edit flas when we are done with them, and different developers have different machines.

For instance, I just purchased Eurostile from Adobe, for both windows and osx. With both fonts installed on 2 machines properly, osx has way more fonts available from the family than windows does, and this is all explained in a pdf here:


Adobe's suggested fix to fonts not displaying in menus correctly in windows is to layout "futura bold oblique" as futura, with the bold and italic buttons pressed. (or to use photoshop styles, which don't apply to flash)

This does not help to share fla's across platforms. Flash cannot map to bold or italic being selected.

Does anyone have any experience in resolving these kinds of issues?