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Thread: change email link in .fla

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    change email link in .fla


    This is a very basic question, but I have been trying all day to do this by trial and error in Flash MX 2004 but the solution evades me.

    I got a nice little email .fla and I want to change the email link, which at present leads to the site where I downloaded it.

    I isolated the text part of the email, highlighted it, and opened properties, I expected to see the original email link in thier...but nothing at all...I then put my own link in thier...mailto:etc etc but when I imported it into my web page and tried it in Explorer...the original link remained?

    I have opened the library and gone through every single element, checking each bit with the property inspector in the hope of seeing the original email address so that I could change it...but it's hiding somewhere.

    I sure would appreciate knowing how to do this.

    Thank you for your time.


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    It's got to be somewhere!

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    you could always go the sloppy way out and throw an invisable button on top. I hat to tell you that because it is gross. but it could work if you can find the current button anywhere.

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