If you need to add highscores to your Flash games then look no further.

Ultimate Arcade provides two versions of highscores in Flash:
1-Basic version, created by Kory Roberts
2-Advanced version, an advanced modified version of the Basic

This works on NT and Unix and has a badword detection engine included written by me (Jobe Makar)! You can type 100's of words into the word bank that are designated as "badwords". These words will then be replaced automatically by what ever you specify.

Other features:
Score ranking (tells you where you fell in the list)
Keeps 100's of scores
The same CGI can be used for countless games
There is a built in score scroller.

Go to http://www.ultimatearcade.com
register or login, then go to the games/tutorials section
there you will find this in the advanced section.
you can see it in use here: http://www.ultimatearcade.com/flash_games/ua/tetris/

Hope you find this usefull.

Jobe Makar