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Thread: March Madness :: Flashkit Arena Tournament

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    Mar 2004
    Ondraedan- Nice crisp Image dude, That castle rocks!
    "Its only a model" --Patsy

    Gerbick- Very Nice, I always liked your style of art....and the chicks don't hurt either

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    lol, thanks mang for the kind remarks, 2bad4u.

    well, it's Sunday night-ish... and it seems like Ondraedan has won by 5.

    Congrats dude. I'd apologize about the delay some more, but it was inevitable you'd win dude. awesome artist. glad to have you around mang.

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    I guess it is just about official now. Congrats to ondraedan for winning the first ever FK March Madness tournment. You and gerbick both had great final round images (as well as equally amazing images in earlier rounds) making this a perfect end matchup. The final tally of 26 to 21 shows just how good of a job both of you guys did.

    This was also the highest voter turnout of all the rounds so I would like to thank everyone who has been following this even into late May ('s fault).

    Thanks to everyone who competed in this tournment. There were just tons of amazing images that got produced in every round of the tournment. I loved every image in the brackets that gerbick and ondraedan came out of actually; gesteves, the waste, flashlight, EVPohovich, Kaco and clicky. I voted for gesteves and EVPohovich in the first round (against gerbs and ondraedan) if that says anything. My favorites were nayades's and Kaco's second round images, gerbick and Fruitloops first round images and ondraedan's third round image.

    I sometimes forgot that stock images were used so I would overlook the creativity in some images. EVP using a lightbulb as a girls *@@$'s (can I say that?)... who would have thought of that! nayades coming out with something completly different from any image in the tournment in round 3 was an awsome move. gerbick using a tree as a guy's beard; I seriously would have never in my life thought of that.

    I wish I could but I dont have time right now to comment on every image (I will leave that for nordberg ) but, again, every image was great in my book. In the end we had 20 competitors and 37 images and I can only hope that we can get even more people to turn out for a March Madness 2006 tournment!
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    About to BAN you!
    Originally posted by Dricciotti
    EVP using a lightbulb as a girls *@@$'s (can I say that?)... who would have thought of that!
    only a perv like me

    thanks D, you did a great job with this entire competition.

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    Aug 2002
    One last thing, lefteyewilly and mandissected: Your images are no longer showing up. I re-hosted all of the images round 2 and on but not round 1 so if you guys could send me a new link I will rehost them for you. I would really like to see all the links work a year from now so I will eventually get to rehosting all the images. Thanks

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    Fantastic work folks! Thank you again Dricciotti for all your efforts, shoot me a shipping a address, I’d like to send you a little something to show our appreciation for putting this thing together.

    Ondraedan, Congratulations! Please email me a shipping address so I can send you something as promised for winning the challenge.

    And, gerbs, I think you deserve at a least a t-shirt for second place. Get me an address and I’ll ship one right out to you.

    You guys are all the best. Phenomenal cosmic power!

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    east of west
    !!! congrats ondraedan !!!

    you and gerbick both had an amazing tournament, and we certianly got a great show from the 2 consensus #1 seeds.

    a big cheers to the D...
    pulled off one of the coolest arena events of all time.
    despite his boilerorigins

    can't wait for '06.
    we should really try to get 64

    Ah, these boys is all swelled up. So this was earlier...getting set to trade. Then, woooaaah differences.
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    Originally posted by nordberg
    despite his boilerorigins
    We need to just have an all out battle here. Me and clicky vs. you and some other IU hooligan maybe?

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    Jan 2004
    Thanks for your support everybody!
    I'd like to thank the Academy...

    I have to agree with Dricciotti, great entries all around. Nayades, your second round image was my favorite, gerbs, your first was quite killer as well.

    BTW, gerbs just got another vote, post-deadline!

    Planet, thanks man, I sent my address.

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    Congratulations, Ondraedan! Loved your final image, it reminded me of Lord of the Rings somehow.

    This was really fun, I can't wait for the next March Madness!

    *Cues "We Are The Champions"*

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