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Thread: AS2: Data Bind SQL Query Data to ComboBox

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    AS2: Data Bind SQL Query Data to ComboBox

    Can anyone point me in the right direction - I'm using Flash remoting with CFCs and I'm trying to pull query data from SQL and populate a ComboBox with AS2 components.

    I have a CFC called "states.cfm" and Flash Remoting is set up and connecting properly (AS2 components). It's pulling 2 columns from the states table, "state" and "stateValue". In the flash movie there's a dropdown with an instance name "dd_states". I've searched all over (Using Flash,macromedia,google,flashkit) and I can't find a clear example using the AS2 databinding components using data from a SQL Query....


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    there's an article at flash-db that goes over setting up an app using the data binding components, although they are using AMFPHP for remoting I would imagine the flash portion will be portable. I've never used the databinding components and only have done a little work with CF and flash myself, but the components (datagrid, listbox, combobox...) are "data-aware", i believe that's what they call it, so you can, for example, apply a recordset object to a datagrid as dataProvider and it will populate the grid with that recordset, column headers and all.

    link to tutorial:

    hope this helps some,

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