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Thread: pause actionscript

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    pause actionscript

    I need to pause my flash auto presentation using button file. Rightnow I’m using

    on (release) {

    & for play

    on (release) {

    But if I press pause button, movie clip animations are not stopping. How to pause all movie clip animation? If I press pause button I want to pause everything (movieclip animation, sound and others)

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    what is that "movieclip animation"? another movieclip?
    When you use stop() or play() you stop the current timeline.
    otherClip.stop() whould stop the instance "otherClip" timeline.
    If the sound is streamed, again, mute it with musicInstance.stop()
    If you use attachSound use soundObject.stop() or else if it's an event send it to an empty keyframe that has a stopAllSounds() on it.

    My suggestion: make a function tp stop all timelines.

    For further info, I think you should give more details on your problem. Right now it is so vague that we need to make a lot of assumptions.


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