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Thread: create object dinamically

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    create object dinamically

    Hi !

    Should anyone help me ?
    I would like to create objects from variable classes.
    x = new (sClassname) (parameters)
    where sClassname is a string variable containing the class name

    Construct a string "new classone (a,b,c)" and eval() it, does not work.

    Thanks for any idea.

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    If I understood you right the only way to do it is to use Object.registerClass() method (or so... I''m not sure of it's name... It was a long time ago when I used it for the last time)

    Never give up...

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    Object.registerClass() only associates a class with a movie clip symbol in the library. It won't generate a class instance for you.

    Also, eval is only used, at least in Flash, to resolve targets (object references) from strings; it does not evaluate code in the way that JavaScript does.

    If you just have a classname as a string, assuming the class is defined in _global, you can create an instance using

    instance = new _global[class_str](arg1, arg2);

    if the whole thing is a string, you'll probably have to do some fancy string parsing to get that out and use a variation on the method above to get what you need.

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    Using _global is okay.

    My classes are defined in .as files
    (one file for each class, as AS2 requires)

    How to make it accessible trough _global ?
    ... or it is by default, hmm i will try it.


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    Be careful, you get to "use" or "mention" those classes somewhere in the fla so that class codes get compiled into SWF.

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