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Thread: Math and scaling

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    Math and scaling

    I use the drawing api to lay two circles over a persons eyes. They "eyes" clip is scaled to 130%.

    I draw the circles and scale the eye back to 100%. I then need to scale the circle down to what I guess would be 70% (since wes drew it at 100%) and reposition it over the newly resized eye clip (restored to 100% from 130%).

    The problem for me is that when the eye clip is blown up at 130% it is no at 0x and 0y since i recentered it. And when you draw with the drawing API it starts at 0x, 0y.

    ANy help MUCH appreciated - feel fre to move this post to another forum if it is more likely to be answered there.

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    I think you want about 77% - not 70%.

    1/1.3 = .769

    If you post your circle drawing code, I can show you how to modify it to draw the circle at any location.

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