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Thread: Flash Form posting to PHP help?

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    I forgot to bring my files home, but here is the scenario.

    http://www.reeboot.net is my homesite. The comments button at the top leads to a comments for with 2 text input fields. The problem lies is when I submit the form, it posts to a comments.php file on a server at work called:


    and then it sends me a simple email with the comments. Here is the catch, it does not work in this configuration. My site is hosted on a different server than the comments.php file. But here is the catch. If I preview the site on my local machine at work, which is running on the testweb server, using Dreamweaver...when u preview in browser command it creates a tmp file and its not an http call. But when I submit the form, it opens up another window with the form information and the actual call to the comments.php in the address bar and IT WORKS!!! I GET AN EMAIL!!!

    Very odd...anyone have any ideas...
    I don't have the sourcecode on me, but I know I am making using loadVariablesNum command to post the info...


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    I don't play with PHP much but if its works on your local server but not on the other server then it must be the difference between two server configurations. You my not have permission to send e-mail from the offending server so I would guess that's why it doesn't work.

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