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Thread: The case of the missing decimal

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    The case of the missing decimal

    I created an application that adds two numbers and adds the result to a Technical Drawing that a customer can customize and print. The problem is when the number adds up to any number with .00 or .10 the program will drop the decimal with a dangling 0 example:

    var partNumStroke = number(stroke_in);
    var stroke_f = number(stroke_in) + number(5.75);

    If the varible "stroke_in=1.25+ 5.75 it should equal
    7.00 but instead it equals 7 dropping the .00 but if the sum equals 7.13 it keeps the 2 decimal places,

    Is there a better way to keep decimals and keep the .00s always. This client of mine specifically needs to have all the decimal places because of the technical nature of the drawings.
    Thanks ahead o' time for the help


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    I came across a solution to your problem on actionscript.org. The URL for the thread is:


    I extracted the script that does the conversion and put it in a new file. HOWEVER, all the credit for this code must go to "emergency_pants" over on actionscript.org. I take zero credit.

    See the attached file.
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    I am an instance of the Person class.

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