I've been asked to create a standalone application that does 2 things: Allows the user to create a new entry/record and store that record somewhere and 2) communicate with a webservice to transmit each record to the webservice and display the result.

I hope to be able to do this in Flash, but I'm not sure. The webservice is already created, it's a .net created webservice that returns a .net sceme xml document, and it's over a secure site (https). I've read several posts here from people saying they've had problems doing this.

Any suggestions on if this can be done? Will either the .net webservice or the fact that it's on a secure server prevent me from doing this?

Secondly, any sugestions on how to do the application itself? What can I use to store the data? Since this needs to be a standalone application for entering the data, I don't think I can use Access or a db program like that to store the data since the require a middle tier program like ASP or PHP or CF to do the processing and most people can't run that on their own pc. So am I to use plain XML documents to store all the data?

Are there any examples anywhere that do this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!!