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Thread: mediaplayback problem

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    mediaplayback problem


    I'm having a strange problem with the MEDIAPLAYBACK funtion.

    It plays fine. The problem is the following: I put in a button the function "my_video.stop();" in order to stop the video when the user is in other section of the page. The video stops fine, but, after execute the "my_video.stop();" funtion the video never plays again, even when the swf wich containt it goes unloaded and loaded again.

    Anybody knows how can I solve this problem?

    Another thing, I found out the MediaPlayback funtion doesn't work right when more than 2 levels are loaded.



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    media playback problem


    I'm also having difficulty using 2 MediaPlayback controllers at the same time. Even when I'm just calling them up in different .swf files and unloading one of them before playing the next, flash either crashes or runs the script totally messed up.

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