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Thread: I don't know if you'll like my new web design.

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    I don't know if you'll like my new web design.

    At least, the people at Kirupa didn't seem to, but other people enjoy it. Oh well, now it's your turn to give out opinions, if you so desire. Here's the link: Website

    Thanks for the feedback.

    PS - Do the colors make you think of body parts / fluids? That was what one person thought at Kirupa.

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    Hey Bluefern,

    I really like the animations of your site I think they're great and flow well. On the other hand personally I think the site is a little oversized (ie navigation, is about 50% of your content section) That is really the only thing that kinda bugs me. I like how you have the sidebar on the right to showcase your work, good idea.

    Overall I like the theme I just think the site layout needs a little bit more thought and concideration.

    As for the site colours making me think of body parts I would say no, lol. But you may want introduce maybe one more colour.. but thats me talking thats my style, even though I make some monochromatic sites I sometimes add one other colour just for a little vivid contrast.

    Keep up the good work man!

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