I have a problem that I am trying to trouble shoot, and I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems.

I am using the on release getURL("filename.ext", "_blank") command that I normally use to allow downloads of documents with Flash buttons. Recently I've noticed a problem of documents (particulaly Word documents) "not being found." PDFs and ZIPs dont' seem to have the same problem, but not everyone in the user group I'm dealing with may have applications to open those files.

The current workaround I've found is to advise users to hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the button and forcing the download of the documents. This is a less than elegant solution, so I was hoping someone might have some advice on a better approach.

I'm running my SWF files from a learning management system server, but that doesn't seem to be making any difference to my problem. I get the same issue when I try to run the SWF from my hard drive.