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Thread: Exploding "pie like" graphic for movie

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    Exploding "pie like" graphic for movie

    This seems like it should be easier than it has been, but I have been toying with this for a couple of days and still am no further ahead.

    I want to create a movie of a circular graphic with 6 slices (like a pie). Each slice of pie will have an action associated with it. For effect, I would like each slice of pie to pull away from the rest of the circle to signify that it is selected when the mouse rolls on it. It will then go back in as the user rolls off of it. It would be nice to even have the selected slice enlarge a little bit.

    The flash part I can handle. The problem that I am having is creating the graphic. I have created a couple of prototypes of the circle but have not been able to effectively split it up into the 6 individual slices that I will use in the movie.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Have you tried a programme like Photoshop then importing to Flash as seperate parts for seperate layers?
    Or did you mean that you are trying to draw and manouevre the graphics within Flash?

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    These files are old. They can be improved. Anyway, you can see them to get some idea

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    On Friday I started manually breaking apart a grapphic that I created using Photoshop. I started to create the movie but ran out of time. I will be working on it today and will post back with how it turned out. Thanks for the replies and hopefully my next post will say I was successful.

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