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Thread: Any way to keep imported vector art looking clean in Flash?

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    Any way to keep imported vector art looking clean in Flash?


    if you visit this site...


    you will notice that the images he uses in his flash movies are very clean and crisp.

    However, right now I am making a movie and my images (which are "saved for web" gif images with 256 colors) have a white jaggedness around them. not to mention the color is rather flat compared to the original ones i created in Illustrator.

    I attached a sample flash file for anyone to see an example of what my images look like. It opens with Flash MX.

    my question is is there anyway to make my images look clean and nice like they do in that guy's website?

    any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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    Have you tried adjusting the quality?
    Put this on the MC you want to be nice.


    this._quality = "BEST";


    Hope this helps!
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    Yeah, .gif doesn't work very well with flash. If you want to use rasterized images in your movie - import a transparent png file. I looked at your fla and if it were me, I would just import the .ai file. That will give you the best quality.

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    yup i figured out that exporting my images from Illustrator as a .swf file works very nicely.
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