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Thread: need help with my images staying clean in flash

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    need help with my images staying clean in flash


    if you visit this site...


    you will notice that the images he uses in his flash movies are very clean and crisp.

    However, right now I am making a movie and my images (which are "saved for web" gif images with 256 colors) have a white jaggedness around them. not to mention the color is rather flat compared to the original ones i created in Illustrator.

    I attached a sample flash file for anyone to see an example of what my images look like. It opens with Flash MX.

    my question is is there anyway to make my images look clean and nice like they do in that guy's website?

    any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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    Vector Animation is the answer

    Hey there,

    The reason his images look very sharp is because of the fact that his is using vector animation (animation built in flash) this is great because you can achive the crisp lines with low file sizes. Also a tip for when you bringing images into flash is that you should use the .png file format. It provides you with great quality at a reasonable file size.

    Hope this helped.
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    the images he used are vector based which was done in software like illustrator/freehand before importing to Flash.

    The images can be drawn in vector format within Flash -- it has great pen tools.

    I do all of my vector "drawings" in Flash as it was quick and easy.

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    The way i usually do this for crisp graphics that are not vector based is this. If you have an alpha channel use .png. If you don't, use jpeg. I personally export/save all at maximum quality and let Flash compress them. They turn out clean everytime, perfect fades, etc.

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    It looks as if you've saved the image you imported into FLASH as a .gif with transparency. When saving images in this manner you will see (as demonstrated by your example) the .gif format will enforce a slight white border around your image buffering the transition to the transparent BG.

    If, as suggested in the above posts, you select to save your image as a .png with transparency you will see that this does not occur yielding you a cleaner looking image - without the "jaggedness" you described.

    Once you've imported your image into FLASH find it in your .fla's Library. Select the image and right click on it to bring up the "properties menu" from which you will select "properties". From here you can adjust the images compression from within FLASH which will also have an effect on the cleanliness or your image.

    Good luck!

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